Effective Time Management

In business, every minute on the clock represents dollars either earned or wasted. Effective time management helps increase productivity, build your professional reputation, create opportunities for advancement, and reduce your stress level.

Nalcor Energy’s Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Nalcor recently launched a Women’s Leadership Network, focused on supporting career development and advancement for women at the company. For Nalcor, diversity and inclusion is a priority. Jim Keating, Chair of Nalcor Energy’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, says that as the company continues to evolve, diversity is increasingly being recognized as a business imperative.

SQUIRREL! Tips & tricks to improve your focus

The NeuroLeadership Institute, a leading global research organization and the pioneer of bringing neuroscience to leadership, reports that we are only truly focused for an average of six hours a week. A week!

Given that we are working with only 3.5 percent of our week, it’s pretty important that we make those few hours count. That’s where focus comes in.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you become less distracted and work more efficiently by improving your focus.

The “No” Deficiency

Are you stressed with a never-ending to-do list? But you still say yes to new obligations. People say no to you all the time, don’t they? So why is it so hard for you to do the same? In business, the ability to say no can at times be more critical than saying yes. Fortunately, there are ways to decline politely, effectively, and professionally. There is power in the Do Nots . . .