Get Fit

Finding the time to be active can be challenging. Exercise will help you become more focused, increase your energy level and boost your creativity, all the while helping you better manage stress and make strategic business decisions.

Reducing Injuries with Exercise at the Office

tonya-whittle-2-e1391606494248Tonya Whittle, TW Fitness

We see it all the time: office workers with chronic and debilitating repetitive strain injuries.

Repetitive strain injuries are often caused from improper workplace set-ups. Positioning the mouse, keyboard, chair and desk in the ergonomically correct position are key to preventing these injuries in workers.

Employees and office workers must be diligent in taking time during the day to strengthen and stretch the areas affected by their repetitive tasks. When you increase blood flow to the areas and strengthen weak muscles, you can prevent or heal injuries, reduce pain, and provide the body with much needed stress relief throughout your workday.

Try the following exercises and stretches to ensure a healthier and injury free workplace:

Desk Push Ups Bridge Butt Lifts
will help legs, butt and core!
 TW-Fitness-Exercise1  TW-Fitness-Exercise2

Do several sets of these exercises to spice up your day. They will also ensure you strengthen key areas of your body affected by repetitive strain injuries.


We often underestimate the value of stretching out the body as a way to reduce pain and inflammation and to prevent repetitive strain injuries. Take a few minutes several times a day to follow these stretches. Prevention is the key to maintaining a strong, healthy body!


Making Time for Fitness

Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly, Evolve – Total Body Conditioning

We all lead very busy and sometimes hectic lives. Making time for exercise usually falls to the bottom of our “to do” list.

What if I told you about a way you could squeeze in that small little workout, without having to make any changes to your family life or prior commitments? And what if I told you that these exercises can be done in private, while in the workplace without having to break out your 80’s spandex and music?

Follow along as we build a day in the office of tasks, typing and toning.

Exercise 1: Squat holds Exercise 2: Leg Lifts
Sitting at your desk, typing away? Here’s an exercise that lets you multitask and get in a major leg workout. For this exercise, you will need to hold your bodyweight in a squat position for 20- 30 seconds intervals.

  1. Place your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Push down with your backside as if you are going to sit down in your chair but only come down so that you are just hovering over the chair and hold.

It’s effective way to work one of the largest muscle groups in our body!

 Sitting in an employee meeting but wanting to tighten up those abs for your trip down south?

  1. Sit upright in your chair.
  2. Keep your back pressed firmly against the back of your chair.
  3. Hold your feet off the floor for a count of ten.
  4. Place feet back on floor for a little rest, than repeat.

So there you have it, a quick and easy way to squeeze in a workout at the office without anyone even knowing.

Just B R E A T H E

Seated - Conference

susan-day-headshotSusan Day, The Office Yogi

We breathe to stay alive but often we don’t notice our breath. If you practice yoga you will quickly notice that breathing is an integral part. One breathing technique taught in yoga that is simple and accessible, yet very effective, is equal breath.





Equal Breath

  • Wherever you are, make yourself comfortable. If you can, close your eyes.
  • Inhale through your nose for a slow count of three.
  • Exhale through your nose for the same count of three.
  • You may work up to a longer count in the inhale but make sure you keep the count for your exhalation the same length.
  • Repeat.

Practice equal breath whenever you need to refocus your mind. It’s your secret weapon.


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