Cultivate Your Self-Confidence

Confidence helps us make tough decisions.

It allows us to share ideas effectively and to lead others with authority and reassurance. It allows us to empower, to inspire, and to communicate our passion so that others gain faith in our abilities and convictions.

With self-confidence, we can seize opportunity, make bold choices, take action, and discover greater levels of success.

Without it, we become timid and doubtful; we are afraid to commit to decisions and goals. People around us refuse to pay attention because we are unsure, and this makes them unsure. We make safe choices and miss out on exciting opportunities. We find success harder to achieve.

Some people confuse confidence with arrogance and ego, which it is not. Rather, self-confidence allows you to trust your personal abilities and beliefs and supports your personal perception that you can succeed. To be successful in business, you need self-confidence.

While there is no magic pill, for those of us who struggle to find self-confidence, it is a behaviour we can foster, cultivate, and strengthen. Here’s how you can do this.

Stop comparing

You are what your business needs. It’s time to stop assuming that everyone is smarter or more capable than you are. Start operating with the belief that your ideas and skills are just as valuable as those around you. It’s easy to get intimidated when we look at others and wish we could be like them.

Skip external validation

Sure, it’s nice to have the acceptance of your peers, but that is out of your control. Stop looking for external validation, in fact, stop worrying about what everyone else is thinking. Trust your values and have faith in your abilities. And remember, nobody is rooting for you to fail.

Surround yourself with positivity

Everyone needs cheerleaders. If your current support network isn’t so supportive, it’s time for a change. Identify your biggest fans, people who respect you, who will be honest with you, and with whom you can confide in. Nurture those relationships. They will be with you through the good, and more importantly the bad.

Celebrate your successes

When something goes wrong in your business because you made a poor decision, you own up to it. But, do you own up to the good as well? It’s time to take credit for the good. Learn to acknowledge and celebrate all the great things that you do, and when someone gives you a compliment, resist the urge to downplay it. Say thank you and let it sink in.

Take stock

Do you have a realistic view of your abilities and accomplishments? It’s time for a reality check. Make a list of your accomplishments, your skills and the experiences that you have had that make you good at what you do. This will help strengthen your personal validation.

Forget perfection

Mistakes are inevitable. Learn to curb personal disappointment. Don’t dwell on what went wrong; instead, look at it as an opportunity to learn.

Remember what’s important

Take the time to think about the things that matter the most. Whatever it may be, understanding what’s most important will give you a greater sense of self and motivate you to succeed.


Ever Feel Like a Fraud?

You are not alone. Even the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg has felt that way.

Imposter syndrome typically occurs in highly successful people and is characterized by the feeling of inadequacy. People who suffer from it feel like a fake and believe that their success was built on luck or fortunate timing, despite the obvious proof otherwise.

Ultimately, they cannot internalize their success, and worry that at any moment everyone around them will find out they are a fraud. Sound familiar? It’s time to start internalizing your success, cultivating your confidence, and discovering just how successful you can be.


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