The Mobile Office: Apps for Doing Business On-the-Go

Want to travel like a pro? There’s an app for that! Actually, there are an abundance of apps that can help make getting from point A to point Z (and anywhere in between) a breeze. Better yet, as a business owner, there are great apps that will make it feel like you never left the office, even when you are on the road.


Mynd Calendar

Never miss a meeting again. This free app provides turn-by-turn directions to your meeting location and provides alerts on when you should leave based on current traffic conditions. Mynd Calendar is like your own virtual assistant, highlighting your day ahead, helping coordinate the best time for meetings, providing quick access to the Evernote app, and automatically finding conference call numbers and access codes. Download the premium app ($50 for the year) and get even more features.




This app is a must! Take notes, collaborate and share ideas, gather important research, and find everything fast. Free to use, this workspace can help you move your business forward because it is built around your core daily tasks: collecting information, writing, and presenting your ideas to your customers. Invest in the premium version ($45 annually) and get even more incredible features.



We all know that an important part of business success is relationship building. Well, this app can be your secret weapon to building rapport and closing deals. Refresh searches the web and social networks to deliver information about your contacts including common interests and mutual passions. Before you enter your next meeting, pop open this app to learn about the person you are meeting and start laying the foundation for a prosperous business relationship.




Left an important document at home? No worries. LogMeIn allows you to securely access your computer, files and apps from anywhere by remotely accessing your PC/Mac. While the app itself is free, the price you pay to use the program will depend on which product you need and the level of service you require.




Using this app is as simple as 1, 2, and 3… literally. You create a folder, share it, and start instantly collaborating with your network. In addition, you will never be without an important file while you are on the road, that is, if you put it in your Dropbox before you hop on the plane. You can buy as much space and have as many users as you need; the free version offers 2GB of free space and you can earn more, up to 16GB, in various ways, like referring your friends to the app.



Keeping track of your business expenses is easy with Expensify. And it’s free, so that’s one expense you won’t have! Record your mileage and track billable hours all while creating quick and easy reports that can be converted to PDF files. Never lose a receipt again because with this app you can scan them or even sync it to your credit cards so that charges can be pulled into your reports automatically.




Save yourself those nasty roaming charges and download Onavo Extend and Onavo Count. Once installed, these apps work in the background of your smartphone to report how you are using your phone and help find ways to save data. This company has also gone one step further with Onavo Protect, which keeps your data safe when browsing and sharing on the web, helping to also secure login info and personal information such as credit card numbers.



It’s easy to stay in touch with home or work while on the road using Skype. With the free version, you can video chat, voice call, instant message or even share files with other Skype users. Subscribe or pay-as-you-go to text or call non-Skype users at low rates. Additional features include group calls, screen sharing, voice messages, etc.


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