Have You Considered Growing Your Business Through Exporting?

In Newfoundland and Labrador, our local market is small. Choosing to diversify by exploring international markets can be an excellent way to take your business to the next stage of growth.

Whether you are curious about export or you have already begun to do business internationally, NLOWE can provide you with assistance. By breaking exporting into steps, we simplify the process of taking your product and service to the global stage.
Often we start with the export curious conversation to see where your business is and the potential for growth. This conversation may be followed by an export diagnostic. (We promise, it’s not as painful as it sounds!)

An export diagnostic is a tool used to identify what your business needs to take full advantage of the export market. Our Export Consultant in cooperation with our trade partners and your NLOWE Business Growth Advisor complete the diagnostic. After just an hour of your time, a report is prepared identifying what’s needed to move your company forward. From the start you have a team who has access to an extensive network that your business can utilize.

Once opportunities for export have been identified, we will equip you with the general knowledge, information, and training needed to explore the opportunity fully. And when you are ready to enter a new market, we will help you make the contacts, and schedule the meetings needed to break into the marketplace.

You may be deciding to participate in a trade mission. Trade missions are a great way to get introduced to international markets and identify the opportunities for your business. Getting ready for a trade mission takes effort, but is well worth the investment. We will ensure you are fully prepared to take full advantage.

After you have visited potential new markets and made great connections, we will help you develop and solidify those relationships. When you are an exporter, we will be here to provide ongoing assistance and resources to help you grow and maintain a presence in your new international market.

Often times, we don’t know what opportunities are out there until we take a look. Consider taking a look!

Explore opportunities to grow your business internationally by visiting www.nlowe.org/newmarkets.



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