Delivering the Perfect Pitch

A sales pitch is an important tool to have in your business arsenal. Having a well-rehearsed and customized sales pitch in your back pocket is a great way to introduce yourself in any situation where you need to describe your business. It’s a wonderful way to boost your confidence in settings where you might feel uncomfortable. From meeting a neighbour interested in knowing about your business to introducing yourself to the President of a large corporation, having a sales pitch ready to be delivered allows you to take charge of the conversation and empowers you to tell your own story.

When it comes to delivering your pitch, here are a few tips:

  1. Be Clear. When delivering a pitch, you need to make sure you leave no basic questions unanswered; who you are, what your business is named, where you are located, who you sell to, and what you sell. It’s important to clearly describe how your business operates without getting too confusing and without rambling.
  2. Be Concise. Since a good pitch is delivered within 15-30 seconds, and you’re expected to include a lot of information, you have to make every single word count. When you’re coming up with your best pitch, try a few draft pitches, and then take the best, most concise sentences and add them to your final. By practicing your pitch in advance, you will learn what terms come naturally to you, and what phrases you are comfortable saying. It’s also important to remember that not everyone you meet will be an expert in your field of business – try to avoid jargon or terms used specifically within your industry, and instead, use words that everyone can understand and relate to.
  3. Be Conversational. A good sales pitch will leave your audience wanting to know even more about you and your business. Adding a tip, a fact, or a “did you know” somewhere in your pitch can lead to a conversation when you’ve finished your delivery. Conversational pitches are great for networking events. They serve as an icebreaker and a potential conversation continuer as well.
  4. Be Confident. This may be the most important piece when it comes to the delivery of your pitch. Confidence is key! Make eye contact. Stand up straight and tall. Don’t fold or cross your arms; instead, open up your body and use your hands when you speak. Enunciate your words. Speak clearly. These are all ways to convey your confidence to your listeners.

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