Make Your Business Vision a Reality: Create a Vision Board

Commit to making your business vision a reality by creating a vision board. A vision board is simply a visual representation of your business goals. Based on the concept of The Law of Attraction; using a collection of photos and phrases, either physical or digital, you create a visual reminder of what you’re hoping and working to achieve in your business.
You might ask, “isn’t that what my business plan is for?” Yes, you would be correct. But, do you look at your business plan daily? A vision board should be looked at daily. Its purpose is to encourage and motivate you to stay on the path to success.
Here are four tips for creating a powerful vision board:

Be specific.

Vision boards are literal. Think about what you really want and go for that. What will your business look like in three years? How many employees will you have? What will your office space look like? Find images that reflect the business you strive to have. For inspiration, consider looking at other businesses or brands that you admire.

Be realistic.

Just like traditional goal setting, ensuring that you are realistic is key. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t push yourself… a little. If you are currently a sole proprietor who works from a home office, setting the goal that you will have 500 employees and a high-rise office building in three years might not be realistic. However, hiring two employees and having an external office site might be the perfect goal!

Don’t forget about you.

While this is a business vision board, don’t forget about your personal goals. You are after all, the backbone of your business. If getting or staying healthy will impact your ability to be successful in business, include that goal. Maybe you would like to master the art of work-life balance, include it too.

Work it.

It’s not enough to just create a beautiful vision board and hang it in your office. You actually do have to do the work. Once you have created and proudly displayed your vision, it’s up to you to acquire the tools necessary to make things happen!


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