Tips (and Apps) to Stay Healthy While Traveling

  1. Bring snacks. Let’s face it, airports and gas stations give us lots of sugary, fat-filled snack options, and when you are hungry, it’s easy to get tempted when healthy options are hard to come by. Problem solved: pack your own including nuts, fruits, & granola bars, and it will save you money!
    snack_smart_solutions Snack Smart Solutions App
    This app makes snacking easy by providing healthy choices designed to balance blood sugar and keep metabolism fired up. All snack choices are proportioned according to nutrition content including fibre, fat, and protein within the range of 150-225 calories. (Available on iPhone and Android for $1.19)
  2. Eat like you are at home. Most of us don’t start our day at home with a 100ft breakfast buffet, so why is it we feel the need to do so when we travel? Choosing to eat meals like you would at home will help you stay on track while on the road. Choose to order off the menu and plan ahead by reviewing online menus before you enter the restaurant.
    healthy_out Healthy Out App
    A practical restaurant nutrition guide, this app helps you find healthy meals at local restaurants. Don’t want to leave the room, no worries. It’s also a food delivery system so you can have healthy selections delivered right to your hotel door. (Free for download on iPhone & Android)
  3. Stay hydrated. No matter where you are doing business, from your office or in another country, drinking water is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. However, when on the road, access to water can be a challenge, leaving us dehydrated with a nasty headache. To avoid, bring a refillable water bottle and hit a local store near your hotel to stock up on bottled water so that you are never without.
    water_your_body Water Your Body App
    There’s even an app for that! This app reminds you to stay hydrated while on the road (or at home). Keep track of your H2O intake, set reminders to drink more, and get useful tips on how drinking water increases your overall health and well-being. (Available on iPhone for $1.19 and free for Android users)
  4. Pack your sneakers. Staying active while travelling can be difficult, but it’s a must when planes, trains, and automobiles (and meetings or conferences) can have you sitting for long periods of time! Just a short walk around the hotel or hitting the hotel gym for a run on the treadmill can help improve your focus and reduce the stress of your day.
    gorilla_workout Gorilla Workout App
    This app lets you exercise just about anywhere, no equipment required. Combining cardio and strength training exercises, workouts can be selected based on your fitness level and includes helpful videos demonstrating proper techniques. (Available on iPhone and Android for $1.19)
  5. Clear your head. The mental drain that comes with a long day of travel, networking, or business meetings can leave you feeling moody and exhausted. Taking a few minutes of quiet time can clear your head, reduce stress, change your mood, and improve focus. Meditation is a great tool for this and can be done just about anywhere, including the airport.
    buddhify Buddhify App
    This is a beautiful and simple-to-use app which promises to help you be present, reduce stress, and sleep better. With over 80 guided mediations that can be customized to your location, you can clear your head whether you are on a plane, at work, or going to sleep. (Available on iPhone and Android for $5.79)
  6. Catch some Zzzzzs. Sleep is crucial if we want to be our best, most productive self. Nothing messes up a sleep schedule like a red-eye flight. Luckily, following the tips above are great tools for better sleep while travelling.
    sleep_cycle Sleep Cycle App
    Described as waking up made easy, this app is a clever alarm clock which analyzes your sleep patterns to wake you up during the lightest sleep phase so you rise and shine feeling rested and relaxed. Also, you don’t have to worry about oversleeping because this app will make sure you get to your breakfast meeting on time. (Available on iPhone and Android for $1.19)

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