Tips for the International Business Traveller

  1. Get vaccinated. Make sure you know what vaccinations are needed and what risks you are taking when entering the country. Some countries will not allow entry without the proper vaccinations. Do your research and make educated decisions when it comes to your health.
  2. Keep your passport safe. While travelling can be an adventure and a once in a lifetime experience, disasters can happen. As a traveler, you should be prepared. When emergencies happen, a quick trip to the nearest Canadian embassy may not always be a viable option. Always keep your passport on your person in a waterproof cover, if at all possible. You should also keep an electronic copy in your email and at home with someone you trust and can easily reach in an emergency. The key is making sure you can identify yourself and your country of residence when it counts the most.
  3. Be culturally sensitive. We are lucky to live in Canada, a progressive country where women can celebrate their freedom but this is not the case in all cultures. Doing some research on country cultural norms can be helpful. You shouldn’t be forced to conform or adopt any norm you view as unacceptable, but you should be informed about how to be culturally sensitive. Though you may have to adapt how you dress and adjust some behavioural norms, seeing how others live is always a great educational experience. Often, if you show respect to the local traditions, you will be received with respect in turn.
  4. Protect your technology. Being connected to the world through technology, it can be easy to forget that our devices aren’t infallible. Our accounts and tech can be our lifelines, with everything from our Candy Crush score to banking information. Wireless access is everywhere, but these networks are often not secure. Scammers intending to steal identities and information may establish free and very tempting Internet access points that will open up your devices to vulnerability. Always use a password on your device. Some smart phones can be locked remotely through your home computer. Consider enabling this feature to wipe the information from your device if stolen. Also, familiarize yourself with the country’s cyber laws. Does the government have a right to read your email? Ensuring that you are informed about cyber security is the best way to protect you and your business.
  5. Explore. After all those warnings and ‘don’ts’, remember that you are on an adventure and in a new place. Eat the food, sightsee, and soak up some new experiences. Get to know this beautiful part of the world and have a great time. Being busy and focusing on work can sometimes overshadow our leisure time. Don’t forget to breathe and watch the sunset over the desert, mountains, ocean or skyscrapers.

Must-Have Travel Apps


The ultimate travel app; don’t leave home without it! TripIt offers an easy way to combine all your travel documents, itineraries, and reservations into one clever place. Share your travel plans quickly and easily with family or colleagues and sync it with your calendar to build a custom itinerary every time you hit the road. The basic app is free, or you can get the pro version and its extra features like alerts, seat tracker, and flight refund for just $49 annually.



This app does exactly what it says; it tells you the kinds of businesses that are in your vicinity. Find exactly what you need with AroundMe, like a great restaurant for lunch, a coffee shop to meet a friend, the nearest gas station, hotels, banks, etc. It also goes one step further by offering directions to get to the business. Oh, and did we mention that it’s free?!


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