CBDC Profile: CBDC Gander & Area

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Ultra Clear Water 2

Sonja and Alvin Maloney

Ultra Clear Water & Brewing Ltd. & Jumping Bean Coffee – Gander

Sonja and Alvin Maloney own not one, but two businesses lining the town square in Gander. In addition to running Ultra Clear Water & Brewing Centre Ltd. and Jumping Bean Coffee – Gander, they also offer quality customer service, place vendor orders, and ensure the happiness of staff. Jumping Bean Coffee – Gander is a full-service café that offers locally roasted coffees, teas, lattes, frappés and handcrafted drinks, as well as snacks, homemade soups, and sandwiches. Ultra Clear Water & Brewing Centre Ltd. sells wine kits, retail wine-making equipment and accessories; water jugs, pumps, and filtration systems; water coolers; and reverse osmosis filtered water and ice.

Five years ago when starting out, the Maloneys availed themselves of CBDC loan services and an introductory book-keeping course. The experience, remarked Sonja Maloney, was essential to her success:

Gander CBDC is excellent to deal with. They not only made my first business endeavour a reality, but together, we made it a success. They have continued to grow with me in expansion and new ventures. They are extremely quick to response to any of my needs or concerns. They fully understand that as a small business owner, we not only require help financially, but also mentoring and coaching. CBDC Gander staff have provided me with guidance and support while facing challenges that all small business owners will encounter from time to time. That support and understanding is equally important when growing your business. Gander CBDC staff are helpful and a pleasure to work with.

With 11 staff, quality customer service and a Chamber of Commerce Customer Service Award in 2013 for Jumping Bean Coffee – Gander, Sonja Maloney appreciates customer feedback as much as she does watching her employees learn and grow as she continually nourishes her own work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.

The service is exceptional and they are there to help you. I would highly recommend CBDC: the Gander office has been fantastic to work with.


  • “Have a well-developed business plan, concentrating on cash flow. Be willing to sacrifice and work long hours.”
  • “Have a plan where you see yourself and your business in the future in regards to growth and expansion.”
  • “Be willing to jump in wherever you are needed, especially in the beginning, as you get things off the ground. This gives you the opportunity to learn the needs of the business and this will help you grow successfully.”
  • “Most importantly, have FUN!!!”

Ultra Clear Water & Brewing Centre Ltd.
65 Elizabeth Drive
Town Square
Gander, NL A1V 1J9

Jumping Bean Coffee – Gander
200 Airport Boulevard
Town Square
Gander, NL A1V 1L6


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