Top 25 #nloweconf: Highlights from NLOWE’s 2016 Annual Conference

On April 27 & 28, we hosted our 19th Annual Conference at the Delta Hotel & Conference Centre, St. John’s. If you did not have the pleasure of joining us for the event, or if you did and want to revisit the highlights, this article is for you! Check out the Top 25  #nloweconf —10 memorable moments and 15 quoteable quotes!

10 Memorable Moments

  1. Pre-Conference Connection

    The Pre-Conference Connection showcased the expertise of our members: Brenda Kelleher-Flight, GDP Consulting (pictured); Rhonda Skanes, Grenfell Business Solutions; Corina Walsh, Shift People Development; and, Eddi Kenny, ND, PhD, Innergy Centre for Health & Stress Management. Topics included conflict management, sales prospecting, emotional intelligence, and health & wellness.


  2. Art of Business

    Helping to create a more beautiful and energizing space for conference goers, member Dominique Hurley (pictured), owner of Dominique Hurley Intuitive Art & Inspiration, displayed some of her incredible artwork around the venue.


  3. Networking

    Richard Branson said, “Succeeding in business is all about making connections.” Conference participants really took that to heart— networking was a key focus for everyone.


  4. Business Matchmaking

    Two streams of matchmaking meetings were set up. Josie Mousseau (pictured), Deputy Director, Business Women in International Trade, Global Affairs Canada, met with WBOs interested in international business opportunities and trade missions. Seafair Capital Inc., owned by NLOWE member, Anne Whelan, met with WBOs interested in entering their supply chain.


  5. Seafair Capital’s Commitment to WBOs

    Recently, Seafair Capital launched its own Supplier Diversity program. During the opening reception, Anne Whelan (pictured), CEO, talked about the company’s dedication to diversity, including their goal of committing 25% of their discretionary spend with women-owned business.


  6. Set to Represent Canada

    Proud first-time attendee, exhibitor, sponsor and member, Natatlie Austin is a self-taught metal smith. She is owner of Natalie Jewellery and co-owner of DozenOdd, a fine handcraft marketplace in Carbonear. Natalie was just chosen to represent Canada at the G7 Summit Craft Women’s Summit and will be heading to be Japan in May. Way to go Natalie!


  7. Business Advice & Retail Therapy

    With 15 exhibitors, attendees were able to connect with support services including BDC, CBDC, and NLOWE! Government support from ACOA/Canada Business & Dept. of Business Tourism Culture & Rural Development, as well as get some retail therapy!


  8. Make Perfume Not War

    Attendees flocked to The 7 Virtues table to buy perfume and books. Barbara was on hand all day to sign copies and chat with attendees.


  9. Be Bold!

    Participants especially loved hearing from our “Be Bold!” Panel: Sharon Horan, FIT for Work; Cathy Martin, Sharingtons; and, Rhonda Skanes, Grenfell Business Solutions.


  10. Powerhouse Line-up


    From opening plenary, to the closing workshop we laughed, we learned and were inspired by the conference speakers. Check out 15 quotable quotes, up next.


15 Quotable Quotes

From Barbara Stegemann:

  1. “Be loud about what you love.”

  2. On how to get over your fear “Have a mission!”

  3. “All the gifts you were given were not meant to be kept to yourself”

From Dr. Valerie Young:

  1. “The best thing about being an entrepreneur is that we walk in the realm of possibility”

  2. “Everyone loses when bright people play small.”

  3. “Reframe the way you look at things. To stop feeling like an imposter you have to stop thinking like one.”

From Kelsey Ramsden:

  1. “You have to be an exception to be exceptional”

  2. On making decisions“Does it bring me closer to or further away from the thing I want?”

  3. Regarding work/life balance “You can’t have it all, but you can have what you want most.”

From the “Be Bold” Panel:

  1. Sharon Horan: Tips for business survival and growth “Diversification. Optimism. Building Relationships.”

  2. Cathy Martin: “Be true to your brand”

  3. Rhonda Skanes:“Maintaining relationships is crucial to business. ”

From Eleanor Beaton:

  1. “Chaos and uncertainty are the breeding ground for change.”

  2. “The stories we tell ourselves and other people about ourselves shape our experience and results.”

  3. “Bold, empowered women will change the world.”


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