3 Tips to Turn Your Office into a Clutter-Free Zone

Did you know that clutter has a major impact on your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being? A clutter-free and organized workspace will help you to think more clearly and to focus on what needs to get done. It allows room for new, refreshing energy and ideas. It can also increase efficiency and productivity and even reduce stress and help you to feel more relaxed and peaceful. In light of this, let’s pretend that you are entering your office for the very first time. Take a good look around. Do you like what you see? What does your work space say about you? There are probably some areas that you would like to improve on. While it may take some effort and time to declutter and organize, it’s well worth it. Here are a few tips to help you work in a clutter-free zone.

Keep only what you use. Only keep within reach what you need every day. You should be able to complete your daily tasks without having to get up from your desk. One way to do this is to take everything off your desk and out of your desk drawers. Then put all of these items in a box and go back to work. When you need an item, you can put it back on your desk or in a drawer. If there are items that you didn’t use in one week, you probably don’t need them on your desk.

Give everything on your desk and in your office a home. This is a place where the item is located when your workspace is clean. While deciding on a home for each item, the best and easiest way to get, and keep, a decluttered office is to place like with like. Keep pens with pens, papers with papers, and so forth. To truly declutter your workspace you need to have a functional filing system that allows you to find or file any piece of paper quickly and with ease. Thus, by placing like with like, you’ll know exactly where to find any item in your office, as it will have a home and it should be returned there after each use.

Take a few minutes at the end of each day to clean off your desk and straighten up your office. Be consistent and do this every single day and soon it will become part of your routine. If you have trouble making the time, then set an alarm on your phone as a friendly reminder! Once it becomes routine, you’ll come back to a clean desk and office each morning ready and eager to start your day. A decluttered office will help you feel inspired and productive.

There are many more ways to declutter your office, but these tips will help get you started and on your way to becoming clutter-free and organized. So decide today to take the time to declutter your work space. Mark Twain once wrote, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” So let’s all get started, you will love the result and feel the difference it can make. Happy decluttering, everyone!


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