Corporation of the Year – 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year Awards


Seafair Capital Inc.

Seafair Capital is a private investment business that supports its partner companies by offering them strategic leadership and in-house expertise with the goal of unlocking their true potential.

The corporation is guided by a shared set of core values: integrity, entrepreneurship, community, action, and fun. These values are fundamental to Seafair’s operations and bring team members together as they pursue common goals.

One of the corporation’s core values, community, is about making this corner of the world a better place in which to live and work. Part of that goal is achieved by supporting women-owned businesses, and this process has helped Seafair significantly, both internally and with partner companies, by forging productive relationships.

Seafair is a woman-owned business and its leaders are well aware of the challenges women face as they attempt to advance in the business world. President and CEO Anne Whelan is a passionate and vocal champion for women in the workforce and in business; this passion and support for women in business reverberates throughout Seafair Capital.

While Seafair has always supported women-owned businesses, the corporation made a conscious decision in April 2016 to partner with NLOWE and its supplier diversity program. Seafair has set an ambitious target: as of October, 25 percent of discretionary spending will be with women-owned businesses. The intent is to actively reach out and create partnerships with other women entrepreneurs in the local community. That additional expertise helps Seafair and its partners create new levels of growth.

“There’s always a challenge to do better, good is never good enough.”


Tammy Pike Farrell, director of shared services and legal counsel at Seafair Capital, reports that everyone at Seafair was excited to hear about the award: “it told us we were on the right track.” She hopes it will encourage other companies to set similar targets.

The supplier diversity program is still in its infancy in Seafair, Tammy says “but we look forward to tracking our spends” to respect the target of 25 percent. Next steps included continuing to develop the partnership with NLOWE and expanding their own in-house program. “We have already formed wonderful relationships,” Tammy says, “and we look forward to developing more.”

The Corporation of the Year Award recognizes a corporation that demonstrates active inclusion of women-owned businesses in its supply chain and assists in their development as suppliers. Leading the way in promoting supplier diversity, the corporation works collaboratively with other organizations to strengthen and grow business development initiatives for women-owned businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador.

For more about Seafair Capital Inc., check out their 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner video.


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