Right for the Job: Tips for Selecting the Best Employee

Every new employee will have an impact on your business performance and culture. Hiring the wrong person can waste valuable resources and increase risk. So how do you ensure that you are hiring top-notch employees and how do you avoid choosing the wrong candidate? The key is to optimize your hiring process to weed out as many unsuitable candidates as possible. Here are some practices you can implement when recruiting new employees.

Tailor the job posting

The job posting should specify the requirements of the position. The first step in screening out unsuitable candidates is to match the job description to the specific skills outlined in the submitted resumés. Once this step is complete, you can move on from the “need-to-haves” to the “nice-to-haves.” It is good practice to list assets on the job posting in addition to requirements, as they can be used to further narrow your list of potential candidates.

Do your homework

In any hiring process, it is not only the potential candidates that need to do their research. As the employer, you need to do some homework as well. It has become common practice for employers to check out an applicant’s social media presence, connections, and experiences online. An applicant’s LinkedIn profile is a great resource for gathering information regarding their work experience, education, volunteer experience, and interests that may not have been included in their resumé. In addition, an applicant’s social media presence can give the employer a sense of who the person is and if there are any red flags.

Hire to your culture

It is very important that new team members fit into the company’s organizational culture. In order to determine a good fit, you first need to identify your business’s core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours. For example, if your organization is strong on collaboration, then it would be best to hire a person that has strong interpersonal skills and prefers a team approach. Most research suggests that employees who fit well into their organizational culture have higher job satisfaction, produce superior results, and are more likely to remain with their organization.

Trust your gut

It is important to follow your instincts when you hire a new person. How many times have we said to ourselves, “If I had only followed my gut feeling, this would have never happened”? As an employer, you need to pay attention to your sixth sense.

Check references

The reference check is an important tool to verify the candidate’s resumé and claims made during an interview. In addition, a reference check can help you determine whether the candidate has the right soft skills for the job. Are they punctual, do they take initiative, are they adaptable, do they meet deadlines, and so forth?

Finding the right employee for the job can be challenging, but if you take the time to weed out the wrong candidates, your business will thank you for it.


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