Innovation – 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Mandy Woodland

Owner of Mandy Woodland Law

Mandy Woodland owns Mandy Woodland Law, a mobile and virtual law firm.

Mandy describes her realization that she wanted to become an entrepreneur as a gradual process rather than something that happened at a particular moment. Her family, she says, is very entrepreneurial, and she has always been around entrepreneurial people. “At some point,” she says, “it just became a natural thing to do.”

The benefit of being a business owner, according to Mandy, is what it allows her to do: “the ability to help people, to have flexibility in my life, to be able to work with a great team, to be able to employ great people, and to take the time for community service.”

Mandy is quick to share the credit for her success with her team at Mandy Woodland Law, her parents and brother, her friends, and her extended family. The team, she says, “is 100 percent the key to success!” The award is especially valuable because Mandy can leverage the recognition to help others.

Mandy finds inspiration all around her; she’s inspired by nature and by travelling around the world, learning about new cultures. Individuals who inspire her include her parents, the women she has met through NLOWE, and a variety of political figures—some of them world leaders, some members of the federal cabinet. She singles out Justin Trudeau for praise in particular because of his position on feminism.

Innovation is central to the way Mandy and her team operate. “We are really fortunate to be able to use innovation in our business in a significant number of ways every day, whether it’s process or communication tools,” she says. Internally, they use Slack to communicate among teams. They talk to clients using Skype or Google Hangouts. As a process tool, Cleo allows Mandy’s clients to upload documents and her team to access them, all securely and regardless of time and place. Mandy argues that innovative technologies keep businesses competitive.

“Keeping on top of new tools and lean, innovative ways of doing business is really important to us day to day.”


The next step for Mandy and her business is one she’s really excited about: a rebrand. “Splice Legal is a brand that really connects,” she says—it reflects their interest in new technologies, and new ways of doing business.

The Innovation Award recognizes an entrepreneur who has owned and operated a successful business that employs innovation in technology and processes to grow.

The 2016 Innovation Award was sponsored by Business Development Bank of Canada.

For more about Mandy Woodland, check out her 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner video.


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