Nalcor Energy’s Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion


Nalcor Womens Leadership Network Steering Committee-cropped

Members of Nalcor Energy’s Women’s Leadership Network Steering Committee

For Nalcor, diversity and inclusion is a priority. Jim Keating, Chair of Nalcor Energy’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, says that as the company continues to evolve, diversity is increasingly being recognized as a business imperative.

“The Nalcor Diversity and Inclusion Council has been working for many months on enhancing diversity strategies within the company,” says Keating. At NLOWE’s Women’s Economic Forum in late 2016, Keating announced that as part of their diversity and inclusion strategies, Nalcor would be setting a target for female representation at the Executive level.

According to Keating, Nalcor recognized that women and other designated groups were underrepresented in various occupational groups throughout the organization, particularly in management, technical and skilled trades roles. In order to address this gap, Nalcor set targets to increase the representation of women in its workforce in occupations in which they are underrepresented. The targets were approved by the Nalcor Energy Board of Directors in November 2016.

For many companies, gender diversity targets allow employers to set realistic and aspirational goals in the context of their business, industry and labour market . “The Executive is fully committed to achieving these targets over the next five years,” said Keating. “The targets will soon be posted publically on our website.”

Setting targets is just one of the many diversity and inclusion strategies that Nalcor will implement to attract, recruit, develop and retain a diverse workforce, with a focus on ensuring an inclusive work environment.

Nalcor recently launched a Women’s Leadership Network, focused on supporting career development and advancement for women at the company. Jennifer Williams, VP Production Operations for NL Hydro, a subsidiary company of Nalcor Energy, is the Executive Sponsor for the network. She believes the Women’s Leadership Network will play a strong role in helping other women achieve their career goals. She says “We will focus on connecting women at all levels and career stages with leaders and professionals throughout the organization. This will help to highlight career paths and facilitate professional development, networking, and mentorship and sponsorship opportunities.”

Content provided by: Nalcor Energy



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