Organizational Tools: Do you prefer paper or electronic?

Most of us strive every day to become a little more organized, always looking for the next best organizational tool or app to make us just a little more efficient. Whether you prefer a paperback or a Kindle, there are organizational options for everyone.

  1. Reminders

    • Post-it Notes
      Not only can you stick them everywhere, for those of us who love to colour code, they come in every hue imaginable. Use them to create a countdown calendar, tell a story, brainstorm creatively, and connect with your team.
    • Post-it Plus App
      With this app, you can do everything you can with the paper version, but instead of covering your desk in paper, you capture, organize, and share digitally.
  2. To-do lists

    • Bullet Journal
      The Bullet Journal began as a Kickstarter project. It’s a customizable organization system created by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer. Using the concept of Rapid Logging, it cuts down on the time of traditional journalling. You can use any notebook, but the custom Bullet Journal notebook from includes a guide, bookmarks, bullet key, sections, and pagination.
    • Wunderlist App
      This app syncs all your personal and professional to-dos across all your devices. You can create to-do lists for everything and then set due dates and reminders. Even better, you can share and collaborate with anyone, even assigning to-dos to family and staff.
  3. Planning

    • Daily Greatness Business Planner
      This beautifully designed planner seeks to help you achieve your business goals by elevating your thinking. It’s undated, so you can start any time, and it includes finance and budget logs, business vision and goal planning worksheets, weekly check-ins, challenges, space for inspirational quotes, and much more. Check it out at
    • Google Calendar
      Google has created a simple online calendar tool with this app. It allows you to add any number of personal or professional calendars. Colour code them to make it extra simple to keep track of your appointments and share them to keep family and staff abreast of your schedule (or, even better, enlist them to help with tasks!).
  4. Note taking

    • Moleskine Notebook
      Anyone who prefers paper notebooks to the electronic versions is probably familiar with Moleskine. If not, maybe you should be, because it is the descendant of the celebrated notebook used by Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Ernest Hemingway. Moleskine notebooks come in a multitude of sizes, configurations, colours, and designs, from trendy to traditional.
    • Evernote
      Evernote is the ultimate app for note taking. Of course you can type directly into the program, but even better, you can save images, handwritten notes, texts, and documents in one location. Because it’s available on all your devices, you can access these notes instantly and share them effortlessly with anyone, to collaborate or brainstorm.


Evernote Collection by Moleskine
Moleskine and Evernote have joined forces to create Smart Notebooks, Journals, and Sketchbooks. This collection uses Evernote’s Page Camera feature to capture pages of your notebook with your device. Using the Smart Stickers, you can start Smart Tagging to easily organize and search ideas. When you buy from this collection you also receive a three-month subscription to Evernote Premium.

Livescribe Notebook by Moleskine
Livescribe is the creator of a Smartpen that uses Bluetooth technology to capture writing or drawing in real time on the app. Moleskine has collaborated with Livescribe to create a notebook with on-page commands that provide quick access to the apps features, including voice recognition. And, because Livescribe has also partnered with Evernote, you can use this notebook with that account as well.


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