Organizational Tools: Do you prefer paper or electronic?

Most of us strive every day to become a little more organized, always looking for the next best organizational tool or app to make us just a little more efficient. Whether you prefer a paperback or a Kindle, there are organizational options for everyone.


Spring Clean Your Desktop: 5 tips to eliminate desktop clutter

Wouldn’t it be nice to know where all your documents are and to stop wasting time searching? Not only will an organized digital filing system save you time, but reducing clutter on your computer can improve the speed of your computer! Here are some techniques used by productivity and organizational experts to help stop the digital clutter and get organized.

GREAT Home Office Must-haves

We all know the line can get very blurry when the home and office environments are united, so finding tools to clear the haze really helps. Juggling a home office and a home life can be challenging, but there are devices, techniques, and processes to make your home office more productive, more efficient, and more bearable!

Technology and Work-Life Balance

Imagine living in a country where it’s illegal to send a work email after 6 pm! Last year, employer federations and unions in France signed a labour agreement that requires employers to make sure staff “disconnect” outside working hours. The agreement also affects around 250,000 employees in the technology sector including the French offices of…

Effectively Manage Your Time

Business owners know better than most that time is money. The struggle is real for most business owners when it comes to work-life balance. Working on and in your business, meeting family responsibilities, taking care of yourself, having fun, and relaxing are supposed to be on your daily agenda, but with only 24 hours in…