Unscripted Twillingate Digital Arts Festival

Twillingate, NL, with a population of less than 2500, is home to Atlantic Canada’s first Digital Arts Festival, Unscripted Twillingate (www.unscriptedfestival.com). The event evolved from the Twillingate tourism development plan, which identified season extension as one of its strategic focuses.


Spring Clean Your Desktop: 5 tips to eliminate desktop clutter

Wouldn’t it be nice to know where all your documents are and to stop wasting time searching? Not only will an organized digital filing system save you time, but reducing clutter on your computer can improve the speed of your computer! Here are some techniques used by productivity and organizational experts to help stop the digital clutter and get organized.

Stay Connected and Stay Professional: Communication Etiquette for Building Strong Business Relationships

In the past 20 years , the ways in which we communicate in the workplace have changed dramatically. At one time, a day in the office consisted of hours on the phone with clients, suppliers, and business partners; now we have the option to email, text, or even video chat with our business contacts. Here are some insights into what to do and what not to do to ensure you maintain proper business communication etiquette.

One-Click Sales: Tools for Selling Online

E-commerce is growing, as millions of consumers go online to save time and money and to get access to a wider variety of products. Whether you choose to sell through an online marketplace or add e-commerce functionality to your website, there are many options available for moving your business online. Online Marketplaces An online marketplace…

E-Commerce: A Gateway to Export

The Internet has become a staple in our lives; we work, play, and read our news online, and now, more of us are buying online. It makes sense then, that businesses are using the Internet to sell their products and services. Many small and medium sized businesses have adopted e-commerce, which involves selling or buying…