Tourism & Technology: Using technology to generate tourism

lmost every industry is undergoing a technology-driven transformation, and tourism is no different. Tourism operators in Atlantic Canada are increasing their competitiveness by using technology effectively.


Avoid the Slump: Tips for extending the tourist season

However, boosting tourism during the off-season makes economic sense for many businesses that rely on the summer to get them through the slower months. Developing and promoting experiences in your area during the off-season will ensure more consistent revenue throughout the year.

Soft Skills: Personal Attributes to Look for in Employees

The bottom line is that hard skills may get a candidate’s foot in the door, but soft skills will determine how long they stay or how well they perform in the workplace. According to Guy Berger, the chief economist at LinkedIn, “People that have the right soft skills have a leg-up in finding a job relative to their peers.” These skills are what set candidates apart from other applicants or co-workers.

Managing Risk in Your Business

Every business venture comes with associated risks. Identifying potential risks and developing a strategy for managing them are key to operating a successful business. Risk management focuses on identifying, assessing and prioritizing risks, as well as implementing strategies to deal with those risks. Businesses that take the time to identify risks are better prepared when…